Vid Pick: Madonna "Girl Gone Wild"

I know I'm a day or two late on this (forgive me--my new schedule at work has had my body clock all out of whack), but Madonna has unleashed her latest clip for "Girl Gone Wild" on the world. It clear from the first shot of homoerotic man candy to the tights and stilettos that Madge is ratcheting up the gayness-and I LOVE it! It's like "Vogue," "Erotica" and "Justify My Love" had a threesome, and let's just say everyone's enjoying their post-coital cigarettes, m'kay? Like the best music videos, it's made me like the song (which I'll concede won't give "Express Yourself," "Get Together" or "Deeper and Deeper" a run for their money, but is definitely one of her catchiest) even more.

While the clip clearly references her past work, it doesn't feel like a retread, and has plenty of new visuals--the trippy, gravity-defying yoga poses, the musclebound man in a crown of thorns, the arresting last shot that is sure to crop up on avatars and blog posts (like this one) across the land--to keep viewers' interest. Also, it's great to see Madonna doing straightforward choreography again, which in this case is a modern twist on"Vogue's" ballroom scene queens in the form of all-male Ukrainian dance troupe Kazaky. But there are still few dry-humping-the-wall scenes thrown in there....Madge and those walls chile.

But the best thing about the clip is that, like the cheerleader epic "Give Me All Your Luvin" she looks like she's having a blast. Her whole aura seems reinvigorated. I mean, the look she serves at 3:01 when she coos "forgive me"'s pure sex, period. Divorce must do a body good. Watch the uncensored version below.