Supreme Court Won't Consider Wisconsin Anti-Transgender Law

The Supreme Court will not hear a case against the state of Wisconsin after a lower deemed the state's ban on medically necessary treatment for incarcerated transgender people unconstitutional.

"The state passed the Inmate Sex-Change Prevention Act in 2005, prohibiting doctors in state-run prisons from providing transition-related care such as hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery, according to Lambda Legal. 

The organization, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, filed a lawsuit against the state on behalf of several transgender inmates. The women were experiencing physical and psychological harm after their medical treatment was suddenly cut off because of the law."

The federal district court sided with the transgender prisoners, with a court of appeals holding up the ruling. The Supreme Court's smackdown probably had something to do with the Federal Bureau of Prisons' policy change to allow treatment for transgender inmates. Now if they could just seem the wisdom in condom distribution.

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