Mitt Romney: NOM Donor

Perhaps this is what NOM was referring to when they mentioned "glamorous noncognitive elites?" Or at the very least rich noncognitives. And Mitt definitely falls into the latter, seeing that he's got enough coins for a four-car garage with its own elevator. Can we say ballin?

"HRC posted a copy of a Federal Election Commission filing from the Alabama-based Free and Strong America PAC, run by the Romney campaign in 2008. It shows a $10,000 donation to NOM that could be the very same contribution that a campaign spokesman once bragged would help fund the Proposition 8 battle that was happening at the time.

As a donor and presumably a member of NOM, since a portion of all donations automatically goes toward membership dues, it's possible that the Romney campaign saw the "confidential" memo in which NOM outlines its strategy to "drive a wedge between gays and blacks -- two key Democratic constituencies."

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Wonder Man said…
he knew this was coming