Happy Endings' Adam Pally To Co-Star in Comedy With Jane Lynch

Adam Pally, a.k.a Max from the uber hilarious show Happy Endings, is set to co-star with Glee's Jane Lynch and Amy Poehler in the big-screen comedy A.C.O.D. 

Pally will act alongside Lynch, Poehler, Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O'Hara, and Jessica Alba in the film about adult children of divorce, hence the title.“They asked me and I was like, ‘Yeah, I will do whatever you guys want! I will show up as a key grip,” Pally said to EW about the film.

Sue Sylvester, Max and Amy Poehler (I can't think of her character's name in Parks and Recreation-sorry:) in  same the flick? This may be worth checking out.

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