Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reunited And It Feels So Bad....

Well it's official. Rihanna and her ex-BF Chris Brown are collaborating on a remix to the former's song "Birthday Cake" and a new version of Brown's "Turn Up The Music." According to TMZ:

"Both songs hit the Internet this week ... and both Rihanna and Brown have been pushing the songs on Twitter.

The songs seem to prove the rumors ... that Rihanna has forgiven Brown and is willing to move on. Earlier this week, Brown tweeted Rihanna "Happy Birthday" ... and Rihanna actually responded, "Thanks."

Rihanna is currently in London (see photo above) ... and Chris Brown was most recently seen in Miami.

As we previously reported, Brown is currently in a relationship with a woman named Karrueche Tran ... and we're told the two seem very happy together."

If I were Rihanna's manager and/or publicist, I'd be tearing my hair out, trashing my office and terrorizing interns Ari Gold-style. While I'm a big believer in forgiveness (it's not for them, it's for you and all that jazz) RiRi....chile this is career suicide. Chris Brown didn't just push you or slap you, which would've been bad enough. He punched, choked and even bit you. In short, he beat you down like a damn man or a dog you're trying to put under. What's more, it's not like what happened three years ago was "reportedly" true or open to speculation, or just your own personal recollection told decades afterward like Tina (I'm unaware if she ever reported Ike to the police). There are police reports and public documentation that Brown brutally assaulted you.

And now you wanna do not one, but TWO songs with him? Do you realize how that will make you look to your fans and the general public? It doesn't matter if this is merely a musical reunion--people are going to assume that ya'll are trading more than just melody lines, especially if you decide to commemorate the occasion with a pair of music videos. I'd figure you'd know this as a global superstar, but perception is everything. And people are gonna perceive you as a chicken head who can't leave her thuggish ex-boyfriend alone. You're hot right now, so you may think you're immune to reality of the situation. But the wrong move could sending you packing faster than a bald-headed Britney or a bare nipple Ms. Jackson.

Even though I'm not team Breezy by any means, I don't feel he should totally give up his career and retire to a dark corner, curl up in a fetal position and cry about his mistakes for the rest of his life like some. I mean what else is the dude supposed to do? Become an engineer or marine biologist ? But at the same time, even the most casual follower of this whole saga would give the side eye to this turn of events. Maybe if Brown actually showed some true remorse for his actions instead of throwing chairs at windows, telling his detractors to fuck off and got more involved in speaking out against domestic violence, then this idea might seem less idiotic. Again, I understand it's important to move on, cleanse your aura and all that mess. But GURL........

On a side note, isn't Rihanna giving us mid-90's Mary J. in the pic above?


thegayte-keeper said...

Sometimes it is like that...

Wonder Man said...


K. Clark said...

@thegayte-keeper: you're right,but it still sucks.

@Wonder Man: a flaming inferno of mess!

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