African Americans For Humanism To Put Up Atheist Billboards

I saw this over at Sir Toddy English's blog and had to post it. African Americans for Humanism has started a billboard campaign targeted towards African Americans who are questioning their religious beliefs. Member Alix Jules (pictured above) and seven other local activists' faces will be on billboards alongside prominent black humanists from history.

“The question’s regarding doubt of religion. Do you really buy what you’re being told?” said Alix Jules, a member of African Americans for Humanism, a national organization of non-believers.

In July, Jules was featured in a hot-button Ebony magazine article discussing his decision to become an atheist. His face is also on the ad bound for the billboard. It will be alongside the famous free-thinker, historical writer and activist Langston Hughes.

“Can I believe in a God that will help me find my keys and win a ball game but allows hunger in places like Africa? Those are really big questions the church does not have answers to,” he said.

Obviously I'm on board with this campaign as well as its timing (Black History Month). Religion, particularly Christianity, is so entrenched in black culture that other beliefs, or lack thereof, are never given much airtime. Hopefully this will cause more black folks to pause for a moment and really think about what they believe. Watch KDFW Fox 4's report below.