Thank You Joel Osteen...

During an interview on Oprah's Next Chapter (you know it just had to be with Oprah), megachurch pastor Joel Osteen said while he believes being gay is a sin, we can still get into heaven.

“I believe that homosexuality is shown as a sin in the Scripture,” but he doesn’t think anyone can become totally free of sin, so he believes gays will be accepted into heaven. He also said, “I would encourage people to be willing to change and grow” — for gays, ostensibly this means to become straight."

Awww, ain't that nice? Thank you Joel, for officially giving my gay ass the greenlight to enter into the gates of heaven, if such a place exists, even as you continue preach to millions that my orientation is inferior and a dirty sin that I should try to change and grow out of until my dying day. Thank for you for deeming me unworthy of burning in the eternal inferno known as hell, another place not proven to exist. Thank you Joel Osteen, you snake oil-selling used car salesman in preacher's clothing.

Watch this foolishness below.


He makes me SICK!
If there is a heaven and he's there it should either be segregated or just give me my free ticket to hell.
Joel Osteen is a liar, a fake, and puts this pretty little spin on everything.
And people fall for that feel good okie doke BULLSHIT.
thegayte-keeper said…
I know there are folks that say oh he wrote this book and it is good, but I can't get pass what he presents from his altar.