The Root Reviews 'Pariah'

Check out The Root's Teresa Wiltz's rave review of Pariah, the coming out, coming of age story of a black lesbian directed by newcomer Dee Rees. Wiltz writes:

"In lesser hands, Pariah, which opens in limited release Dec. 28, would read like some after-school special, earnest and heavy-handed, pounding the viewer with big themes and messages. Rees, a former NYU film student, was mentored by executive producer Spike Lee, and his influence is evident throughout, from the spot-on dialogue to the skillfully unforced performances. (Rees first produced Pariah as a film short; this is the expanded version.) Notwithstanding Lee's influence, Pariah, which was a big hit at Sundance earlier this year, is a distinct original, breaking up pathos with moments of high hilarity. (You'll never look at a dildo the same way again.)"

I'd love to see this in the theater, but something tells me it, like Milk or A Single Man, won't be playing at my local theater anytime soon. Guess I'll just have to wait for the DVD. Rest the rest of the review HERE.