Random Question: Kanye West

Is it just me, or has Kanye gotten...sexier all of a sudden? Granted, he's always been cute in an offbeat, quirky kind of way, but lately it just seems Yeezy's hotness level has increased. I'm really not sure why though. Maybe it's because he's a little older now and has a certain grown man swag about him. Or perhaps the leather pants and chest-revealing blouses have something to do with it. Take a look a few pics below and you decide.


Chile, I have ALWAYS thought Ye was sexy! I love all of that braggadocio and faux machismo...lol
It just means there is a sweet and sensitive little boy beneath all of that sexy swagger...lol
Plus I loved that video with Estelle, American boy. The scene where he was just starin at her while she was singing made me wish I was Estelle for three seconds...lol