D'Angelo Set To Stage Comeback Next Year

After years of battling the bottle and run-ins with police, it seems D'Angelo may be finally getting himself together. According to SPIN:

D'Angelo will be performing at least six headlining shows in Europe in 2012: Stockholm on January 26, Copenhagen on January 27, Paris on January 29, a two-night stand at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on January 30-31, and London on February 3. The Guardian points to a link where fans can still buy tickets for the London concert.

A new album, his first since 2000's Voodoo, is also in the works.

?uestlove, the drummer for the Roots, has confirmed D'Angelo's European tour, Pitchfork reports. "It's an extremely real thing," ?uestlove is quoted as saying, noting that bass player Pino Palladino and drummer Chris Dave have already signed on to do the shows.

The outlook is finally looking positive for D'Angelo's long-delayed third album, too. "The album is pretty much 97 percent done," ?uesto told Pitchfork. "He's just finishing his lyrics now."

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