WATCH: Mo' Nique's Americans For Marriage Equality Video

Academy Award-winning actress Mo'Nique has lent her voice to the Americans For Marriage Equality campaign, the Human Rights Campaign-backed nationwide public education initiative.

“I believe since we’ve all been given free will, let’s use our will to let others be free,” says the Precious star and talk show host. “Gay and lesbian couples, they believe in commitment, family and love. If you don’t believe me, did you happen to notice that all that’s being asked for is the right to be married, which ironically promotes commitment, family and love? Join me and support marriage equality. It’s the right thing to do.”

According to The Advocate, the campaign, which launched last week with a video from Newark mayor Cory Booker, aims to release themed videos that including Republicans for Marriage Equality, African-Americans for Marriage Equality, Latinos for Marriage Equality, and Elected Officials for Marriage Equality. Watch Mo'Nique's video below.