Transgender Center To Open In Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love will soon have its own health center geared exclusive towards transgender people. While a specific site has not been released yet, there are hopes that The Morris Home will open next month, according to Sade Ali, deputy commissioner of Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Health.

“We are hoping to get the doors opened in November,” she said. “Everyone deserves access to services and a place to go.”

Such facilities are needed, as transgender people like Jaden Hensley find themselves being turned away by some of the city's other homeless shelters. Hensley, a transgender man, was told "we don't accept transgenders" by security guard when he visited the Appletree Center homeless intake center last month.

“It’s against city policy to discriminate against LGBTs in city-funded programs,” said Ali.“Can we monitor 24 hours a day the actions of folks who don’t understand the ordinance? I wish we could.”

The center will be funded by the city and will offer comprehensive health care for trans men and women.