Toronto Health Organization Launches Antibiphobia Campaign

A public health organization in Toronto is looking to strike back against biphobia with a new campaign aimed at raising awareness of bisexual people based on the results of a study done by Researching for LGBTQ Health. According to The Advocate:

The organization, Re:Searching for LGBTQ Health, started with a survey of 55 bisexual people. It's not much of a surprise, but bisexual men and women of different races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, and cultures tend to feel excluded from everyone else.

The study mentioned that certain groups, such as bisexual mothers, transsexuals who identify as bi, racialized bisexuals (i.e. two-spirit Native Americans) and bisexual youth, often face harassment and isolation from both gay/lesbian and straight communities, and are more likely to seek out mental health services. Bisexual youth in particular are more likely to experience harassment than their gay and lesbian peers.

To combat such attitudes the organization has come up with a color poster campaign designed to dispel myths about bisexuals and show that they are an active part of the LGBT community. Eighteen-year-old Aintony (pictured aboved) volunteers with the Connect-Us-Mentoring Program and Malvern Action For Neighborhood Change. He is starting his own business and aspires to run a youth group.

Read the study results HERE.


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