Study Says Gay Men Offered Fewer Job Interviews

Well this might explain why I didn't get a few callbacks. According to a study published yesterday in the American Journal of Sociology, men whose resumes indicate that they're gay are 40 percent less likely to called in for job interviews, especially in the south and midwest. Quelle surprise! (note the sarcasm:).

Pink News reports that Harvard University researcher Andras Tilcsik submitted two “realistic but fictitious” resumes to 1,700 white collar job openings. One indicated that the applicant had served as a treasurer of his college gay society, while the other mentioned involvement in the “Progressive and Socialist Alliance.”

Tilcsik reasoned that employers were likely to associate both applicants with similarly left-leaning political views, which would increase the likelihood of rejection being based solely on the gay affiliation.

The story says, “The results showed that applicants without the gay reference had an 11.5% chance of being called for an interview. However, [resumes] which mentioned the gay society had only a 7.2% chance. The difference amounted to a 40% higher chance of the heterosexual applicant getting a call.”

Florida, Texas and Ohio were the states with the largest difference in callback rates among gay and straight applicants, while job candidates in California, Nevada, Pennsylvania and New York were given more equal treatment. Again, not a big surprise that big east and west coast cities would be more gay-friendly, even if it does contribute to the idea that the south and the Midwest are home to close-minded, homophobic wingnuts who don't want fruits in the workplace. But then again, the facts don't lie. At least my state Louisiana didn't top the list.

Read the rest of the story HERE.


I don't get it...
What, are they getting too many resumes from Andre Xtravaganza? How in the hell can you tell someone is Gay before the interview?