Lady Gaga Biopic In The Works

Gaga is about to get the Lifetime movie treatment. According to The Advocate, the network has sent out a casting call for a female lead for a film entitled Fame Monster, adapted from Maureen Callahan's book Poker Face, set to film in Chicago. Check out the description:

“[STEFANI GERMANOTTA (LADY GAGA)] is a bright rebellious Catholic school girl who dreams of fame. The story covers her from age 16 to 22. When we first meet her she is a dark haired, offbeat, very talented and intensely ambitious teen. She comes from a Italian/American well off, close knit, Upper West Side NYC family. She never felt she ‘fit in’ with her fellow students in high school and was disappointed when her college experience at NYU didn’t meet her expectations. So, with her parent’s reluctant permission at 19, she drops out and moves downtown to the Lower East Side where the artists are. Independent and strong willed, Stefani learns she must be something more than a talented young girl and to really stand out, she must change. The story covers the ups and downs of her amazing rise and eventually to her transformation to Lady Gaga. We are seeking an actress who can physically resemble Lady Gaga and who can believably span ages 16 to 22. Singing is preferred but not required.”

I hate to sound cynical, but I'm betting this film is going to a grade A, first-class piece of crap. First off isn't it too soon? I mean, yeah Gaga is super-famous, but technically she's only been out for three years. Even when my grand diva Madonna got the TV bio hatchet job with Madonna: Innocence Lost (a horrible film of ghastly proportions--it's hard to enjoy in even an ironic, Showgirls way. But I could be biased:), she'd been famous for over a decade. Aside that, I don't hold out much hope for Gaga's prime-time flick.

I can see it now: cringe-worthy scenes of Gaga being picked on as a child, sitting all alone at the lunch table and dressed in all black and raccoon eye-liner, eating her homemade tuna fish sandwiches; the cliche rebellious stage where she screams "YOU'RE RUINING MY LIFE!" or some other Miley Cyrus-ism at her parents while she stomps up stairs to her room to listen to generic, "rebellious" heavy metal; a close up shot of Gaga holding a bottle of peroxide in one hand and a disco stick the other as she discovers their latent magical powers; and the inevitable "I've hit the the big time bitches!" performance of "Just Dance" or "Poker Face" at the end.

Your thoughts?


LOL I agree with Everything! And since it's lifetime expect a scene--real or otherwise--where her abusive boyfriend holds a knife to her throat at some point. Again, its Lifetime...