Homophobic Uganda Group Says Kill The 'Kill The Gays" Bill

This is a surprise. The National Coalition Against Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse in Uganda has come out against the 2009 "Kill Gays" bill after politicians recently revived the legislation.

The "Kill Gays" bill, which includes strict penalties against homosexuals, including the death penalty for some, "is unrealistic and also diversionary," NCAHSA leader Solomon Male said, according to local media.

The legislation would require people to report incidences of homosexuality; that will be impossible to enforce, Male believes. The pastor also added that Uganda already criminalizes homosexuality and that the African nation hasn't executed anyone since 1999, so a new death penalty charge would be meaningless.

Now if they could just realize gay people are not only deserve to live, but to enjoy equal rights, we'd be getting somewhere. Read the rest HERE.