Eye Candy: Brad Pitt

Ahhh. Brad Pitt. There's no reason to delve into what make him so sexy, but let's do it anyway. Those beautiful, intense eyes. That boyish grin. The chest, arms and abs, not super-ripped, but muscular and toned just the same. Those lips. And that deep, cool voice. Speaking of cool, Brad is almost zen-like. You'll never see him spaz out or jump on a couch because he believes he's finally convinced the world he's not strictly dickly (you know what gal I'm talking about).

The man is gorgeous no matter how his looks change--long hair, short hair, Jesus beard, no beard, blond, brown, purple hair-- he just looks flawless. And he's nearly fifty years old. I mean does he age? Plus he's given back to my home state with his Make It Right Foundation, building energy efficient homes for Hurricane Katrina victims. Fine and socially conscious chile. Anyway, get into the pics below (as well as a few NSFW ones, and Brad and Angie's sex scene from Mr. and Mrs. Smith) after the jump.

Brad Pitt - Troy (Rear) by olivepineapples


For me Brad is always hit or miss. He is either sexy or dirty in certain roles...
Lol. I've never been neither here nor there on him...Except in Fight Club. He was HOT as Tyler Durden.
overrated as hell. people obsess over anything these days.