True Blood Season 4 Finale

Ding dong, Marnie is dead (and so is Jesus, Nan, Debbie and possibly Tara). That crazy bitch Russell is back, Arlene may be seeing Terri's dark side soon, at least according to Rene, while Sookie backs away from gettin' some Alcide, Eric and Bill lovin', taking Grams' advice and choosing to be bad all by herself. I was left shocked, frightened, excited, and pissed off. Which is to say I loved this season finale!

Pam is heartbroken over Eric being blinded by Sookie's "precious fairy vagina," and throws a shit fit in Fangtasia, proving even the most cold-hearted diva can have a breakdown over a man, albeit a dramatic and fabulous one. Of course, knowing Pam, she won't go gently into that good night without exacting revenge. I'm sure we'll being seeing plenty of plotting and scheming over the next season. Or maybe we won't since Sookie walked away from both Bill and Eric. All I can say is it's about time! I love hot vamp sex scenes and all, but the whole irresistible fairy-blood induced love triangle has been worked to death. Tara being on the verge of death will provide plenty of distraction for Sookie. Speaking of which, how awful and awesome of a cliffhanger was it to leave Tara lying in a pool of blood on the floor? True people were dropping like flies through the whole episode, but Tara is a major character. It was a shocking twist to say the least. If Tara does kick the bucket, who knows what kind of havoc this could wreak on Lafayette's already fragile psyche? That girl is tough as nails, but she can only take so much. Having the man you just stabbed to death come back and tell you everything's alright is exactly a magic cure all. Although I can see why Jesus had to bite it, since their relationship really wasn't going anywhere.

I loved the scene with Jessica strolling up to Jason's house, serving us Little Red Riding Whore. I'm kinda glad she and Jason are hooking up; I like Hoyt but his whole cry-baby routine was getting so irritating I wanted to reach into the screen and slap him. Although it seems Jason's bliss might be short-lived, what with Steven Newland becoming a vampire and all (what's that about)? Hopefully Jason won't spend another season strapped to a bed. As for Andy and Holly's burgeoning romance, I really could care less. It's nice that Andy's not a raging V addict anymore, but I really don't see where that storyline can go, outside of the potential fairy baby mama drama that may result from the sex-in-the woods session from last episode. Arlene and Terry may be in for a wild ride next season though. After all, if your serial killer boyfriend comes back from the dead to warn you about your current boyfriend's dark past, you know you're in for a rude awakening.

The whole finale seemed to be about bonds being temporary, broken or on the verge of being broken, whether through death (the aforementioned Jesus), heartbreak (Bill, Eric and Sookie), ominous warnings (Rene's beyond the grave message to Arlene) or betrayal (that grand bitch Nan. I was sure she was going to spend season 5 going all vigilante on The Authority).  Everything was left up in the air, from the return of Russell to Sam being attacked by a werewolf to whatever fall out may happen between Alcide and Sookie as the result of her blowing his ex-girlfriend's head off. I mean Big Wolf Daddy (my nickname for Alcide:) may be a softie, but everyone has their limits.

I had my doubts about this season and still feel that it didn't quite stack up to season three episode for episode, but this finale has renewed my faith in True Blood. So what did you think?


thegayte-keeper said…
Hope things get better in Season 5!