Random: Snow Tha Product

White girls and rap have a long, strange history, at times highly entertaining, cool and funny (think Debbie Harry, Fergie and Gwen, Madonna's "Vogue" rap), to awkward (Madonna on "American Life." Chile I don't care how ironic it was supposed to be. Mini-cooper and supa dupa should not be rhymed together) to cringe-inducing (Kreayshawn and her White Girl  Mob). But after stumbling upon a few videos by white female rapper (technically she is part Latino, but clearly she'd fall under the white and Hispanic category in a Census:) named Snow Tha Product, I've been more than a little shocked by her rapping ability.

Simply put, this gal can spit. Like Nicki when she's channeling Roman Zolanski. Or Lil' Kim in her Hardcore, "Quiet Storm" remix days. Unlike the aforementioned white girls, there's no cute novelty air to her raps or a like Kreyshawn, a fake, white girl trying to be black wannabe swag--she's just attacking the beat. Take a look at a few videos and see what I mean.


Anonymous said…
Damn shes badass!