Log Cabin Repulicans Seek Legal Precedent In DADT

 Usually I view Log Cabin Republicans (a.k.a. gay republicans) as suffering from a terminal case of cognitive dissonance. But in this instance, they're right on. Even though Don't Ask Don't Tell is set to be repealed September 20, the LCR are trying to make sure Republican candidates like Michele Bachmann don't get any funny ideas, should they be elected.

According to the Advocate:

"Dan Woods, an attorney representing the national organization of gay Republicans, will present arguments to a panel of federal judges in a case demanding that the U.S. government allow openly gay people to serve in the military even though it already plans to end the policy on September 20. R. Clarke Cooper, the executive director for Log Cabin, told The Advocate that while the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" is imminent, the organization is hoping to ensure that a legal precedent is established in court. Republicans such as Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann have said they would like to see "don't ask, don't tell" reinstated if elected president.

Cooper said that's why the organization had launched a three-pronged approach toward eradicating the antigay law: lobbying Republican members of Congress to support repeal, consulting with military officials including former Defense secretary Robert Gates, and the lawsuit."

DADT was declared unconstitutional by district court judge Virginia Phillips last October. Phillips also issued an injunction to end all enforcement of the law, which to a repeal being issued by the Department of Justice before Congress  passed law ending the policy with President Obama's support.

Read the rest over at The Advocate.com, and watch a short clip of Republican candidates stating whether or not they would repeal the DADT ban below.