Google Gets Gaydar

For most of gays, gaydar is a natural skill honed over years of clocking tea and being the target of stares that are held just a few seconds longer than what is publicly acceptable. However, for those who find that the force is not strong within them, Google has offered a solution.

All you have to do is type into the search tab is "Is (Insert celebrity/politician/whoever) gay? and Google will give you it's best guess. Some aren't surprising at all: Rachel Maddow came up as a lesbian, as did Jodie Foster. Ricky Martin and Wanda Sykes also passed with rainbow colors. However searches for Queen Latifah and Anderson Cooper's orientation turned up nothing, as did Will Smith and LL (curses!), while Jada showed up as straight, as did that gal Marcus Bachmann. Visual confirmation below.

I guess Google still has some kinks to work out.