WATCH: Adult Swim's 'Black Dynamite' Pilot

Cartoon Network has decided to make a cartoon based on Black Dynamite, the 2009 blaxploitation parody starring Michael Jai White as a Vietnam veteran, former CIA agent and martial artist hell bent on cleaning up the streets and keep the orphange dope free.

In the pilot episode, Black Dynamite (voiced by White *swoons*) takes on a his childhood mentor, That Frog Kurtis, a TV puppet teacher turned supervillain, to foil his plans of pimping the black youth of America through the power of educational television. Black Dynamite was created by some of the same minds behind The Boondocks (excluing Aaron McGruder, but hopefully he'll get involved) so you know it's hilarious. The series will begin running regularly in spring 2012. Watch below.


thegayte-keeper said…
I'll take a look @ it!