New Hampshire GOP Gets Rid of State Minimum Wage

New Hampshire Republicans have voted to abolish the state's minimum wage. Republicans overrode Gov. John Lynch's June veto, saying that it is a job killing regulation. Read this crap.

The change takes effect Sunday, but it will have no consequence for employers or employees because New Hampshire's minimum wage was the same as the federal wage, which remains in force.

During the fight over the removing the state law from the books, Republicans insisted the wage law not only makes it harder to create jobs, it kills them.

House Republicans also killed a Democratically sponsored bill that would have raised the wage. Democrats argued the 75 cent proposed hourly increase would put $30 more each week in the pockets of the state's 4,000 lowest-paid workers, money that would be spent boosting the economy.

Adding idiotic insult to injury, Rep. Carol McGuire (the sloth pictured above), says that young workers aren't worth minimum wage. "It's very discriminatory, particularly for young people. They're not worth the minimum," she said. She believes there are young people who would get a job if they could be paid $5 an hour instead of the minimum.

Obviously this fool has never tried to buy food, gas or pay bills on the scraps that constitute minimum wage. Think of all the people you know in their teens/twenties, and try to imagine one that would willingly work a job that paid nearly three dollars less than $7.25 an hour. Don't worry I'll wait. Exactly! No one in their right mind would accept a five dollar an hour gig in lieu of higher pay when expenses are sky high (or even when they're not). I guess in her warped world that five bucks could pay your cell phone, car note, car insurance, groceries, rent and utilities, with enough change leftover to fill up your tank with dollar a gallon gas for that trip to the Big Rock Candy Mountain!

While I'm aware federal law supercedes state law (as stated in the article), whose to say Republicans, the Tea Party in particular, wouldn't want to do the same thing in Congress? After all, they were willing to risk default just so they wouldn't have to raise taxes on those grand "job creators" the rich, even though they're now opposing President Obama's plans to extend payroll tax cuts for Americans. Why not eliminate that pesky government regulation altogether and let every man fight for themselves in a free market? I swear, sometimes it feels like they won't stop until we're all crying  out "Please sir! I want some more!" Oliver Twist-style.  But then they'll probably just say, "Let them eat cake."

Rant over. Read the rest HERE.