Eye Candy: Will Smith

In the midst of all the speculation that Will and Jada's marriage might've come to an end, it occured to me that I've never featured the Fresh Prince on any of my 'Eye Candy' posts. While thoughts of a single Will happening upon me at a restaraunt or club (if for some inexplicable reason he decided to make a pilgrimage to Louisiana), and subsequently engaging in hot, ass-slapping bathroom stall sex bubbled up in my mind when the news first broke, I will say that I'm happy their union remains intact, *flashes fake smile while secretly cursing Jada's existence*. No seriously I am lol.  But that doesn't mean a boy can't dream. Get into the pics below.

Ignore Charlize Theron and concentrate on that booty! Not that I have to tell ya'll that!


hands off my other husband! lol