WATCH: Beyonce: "Year Of 4"

As part of the full-on Beyonce 4 media assault, her Creole Majesty has filmed a short documentary with VH-1 about the creative process behind her new album, from working in the studio, to rehearsing dance routines to photoshoots. First off I'll watch a making of  on almost anything music/movie related, even if I'm not a diehard fan of the artist/actor in question. But I will say that I came away impressed (and exhausted) by Bey's unstoppable work ethic, and feeling like I learned a little bit more about her as an arist/businesswoman/person. Madge better finish up with W.E. and come back with a ferosh album. I can feel my allegiance slipping:). Watch below (and check for someone's Lady Gaga's "Judas" ringtone playing at 10:51 lol) .



I loved this so much! I have so much more respect for Bey as a business woman. This is an artist who has TOTAL control of her brand and serious about what it takes to remain relevant.
And I thought it was so cute when her and Jay Z was listening to count down...LOL. This album was OBVIOUSLY an ode to him.
I also love the part when they discussin the album cover and Bey is like, "Look, this is somethin YA'LL need to handle amongst ya selves..." LMAO!
Kevin said…
Lol I liked that too! Bey didn't want any drama!