Up, Up And AGay!

DC Comics has decided to add a little rainbow to it's cast of superheroes after announcing a complete overhaul of its line last June. Along with the 52 new issues set to drop in September, the comic book giant will be introducing several LGBT characters.

"Apollo and Midnighter, a gay superhero couple who previously existed in DC’s alternate Wildstorm line of comics, have been incorporated into the company’s main cast of characters. They will join lesbians Batwoman, The Question, and the bisexual African-American superhero Voodoo in DC’s new universe."

DC Comics Co-publisher Dan Didio told The Advocate that he and others pushed hard for Batwoman.

"We introduced her quite a while ago and we really wanted to push her as one of the mainstay characters in Batman’s world. It was important for us to introduce a gay character in that series. It was important for us to have [that character] featured with a bat symbol on its chest because we knew that would draw the attention and show how much we were behind setting a standard of diversity in the line [and] also making her a strong character in her own right ...establishing [Batwoman] as a lesbian early on it givers her a different sensibility, a different point of view, and it also allows us to tell stories from a different angle that sets her apart from the other characters in Batman’s world."

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