Random Thought: McDonald's Mango Pineapple Commercial

I know this is a little late, but am I the only one who is slightly, shall I say, put off by McDonald's "Mango Pineapple" commercial targeted towards black customers? If you haven't seen the clip by now, here's a quick synopsis: a "rapper" ( in the broadest since of the word) is pumping the crowd up with a chant of "When I say mango, you say pineapple." The crowd responds, and everyone happily sips on smoothies. But, for whatever reason, everytime I watch it I feel uncomfortable.

First off, since when do people need a hype man in order to go out and buy a drink? I don't know about you, but when my throat is parched, I don't need someone chanting "Go Kevin, go Kevin, GO! Po' it up, lil' daddy, po' it up!" in order to quench my thirst (unless the liquid in question is shots. But that's another topic). Secondly, do we as black people need to always be seen dancing/rapping/singing in commercials geared towards our community? I mean the company already went to the R&B/hip hop well for that cring-inducing McNuggets commerical. So why do it a second time? Is this what the CEO's automatically think of when they conceive of ways of how to market to black folks?

There are other, sublter ways the company could feature/market to black people. Why not have an ad with a bunch of black kids sipping smoothies on a hot summer day, or an older black couple walking home from a night out, stopping at McDonalds and sharing a smoothie in a romantic scene?

I mean what's next? Hispanics salsa dancing about spicy chicken sandwiches? Geisha warriors fighting over Big Macs? Granted, the ad is not blatantly stereotypical, boycott-worthy material, but it does give me pause. So what do you think? Watch the video and discuss.


CØ⋀L ØP⋀L said…
mcdonalds has unlocked the secret to black advertising for decades now. Honey I have been uncomfortable for a long time. Esp the one several years ago...



yes we used to tear that one up. mcdonalds played that commercial out.
Anonymous said…
Actually, I like the commercial. But I understand your comments.