Bacon! It's Whats For Hosing!

Most kids have to be told to clean their plate, but a 9 year old that ate too much bacon for breakfast found himself at the mercy of his pissed off Grandma! According to The Smoking Gun, 63-year-old Marilee Ann Kolynych chased her grandson out of the house, pinned him down on the front lawn and sprayed his face with a garden hose.

A witness told Press that Kolynych chased her grandson around the yard before throwing him to the ground and “sitting on top of him beating him on his legs and spraying water at very close range into [the boy’s] face.” The child told cops that “the nozzle setting was on full blast.”

The child eventually broke free and “ran across the street, using a neighbor’s phone to call his mother, who was in the basement while the incident was taking place out front.” Even after the boy’s mother arrived outside, a witness reported, Kolynych continued to chase after the child.

Sounds like the stuff Mommie Dearest (or in this case Grandma Dearest) memoirs are made of. Kolynych was charged with endangering the welfare of children, simple assault, harassment, and disorderly conduct charges. She's currently out on bail, and will have a preliminary hearing on July 7. Fortunately, the boy was not injured.