The Advocate Profiles The Glee Project's Alex Newell

For those who love Glee but think the show could use a little bit more color (Mercedes has been holding it down as much she can), you may soon be in luck. Eighteen-year-old Boston native Alex Newell has competing on the popular Oxygen show The Glee Project, in which contestants compete for a chance to join the cast of Glee for seven episodes. In an interview with The Advocate, Newell, who is openly gay, talks about publicly revealing his sexuality during a recent episode, when he wore a sign with the word 'gay' in the middle of Los Angeles.

"The situation definitely made me vulnerable and uncomfortable," he said. "We all put ourselves out there on that day. It represented who I was and to some extent, what I am uncomfortable talking about. It was a bit tiresome, but at the same time, it was very good. It is said that things done in the dark always come to light, so it is better to embrace who you are and accept yourself."
Newell, who came out last December, says he hasn't experienced any his church or family since the show began airing.  

"No, there has not been. But, then again, I have not been back to my church since the show has aired. I grew up in the church and the members are very accepting, so I am guessing there will be no problems once I return."

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I wanted to be on the show but I can't sing!
But why can't I lip synch to someone else's vocal??? I would be a great Glee student!
Hate the show but I would love the exposure.