Required Gay Viewing: But I'm A Cheerleader

For anyone who's more than a little skeptical (*raises hand*) of the effectiveness of "ex-gay" therapy, But I'm A Cheerleader is the movie night pick for you. A funny-as-hell satire of reparative therapy and gender norms, Cheerleader stars Natasha Lyonne(a.k.a Tara Reid's friend in American Pie) as Megan Bloomfield, an otherwise happy 17-year-old girl who loves cheerleading and has a football-player boyfriend named Jared. But she doesn't like kissing him. And is a vegan. And listens to Melissa Etheridge. Oh no! Soon enough her family suspects she's a lesbian and with the help of ex-gay Mike (RuPaul) ship her off to True Directions, an ex-gay camp run by Mary Brown and her raging queen of a son Rock, to "cure" her of her lesbianism.

Needless to say, hilarity ensues. The campers undergo ridiculous exercises like chopping wood (I could turn a pun out of that but will resist:), working on cars, cooking, cleaning and changing diapers in an attempt to "reclaim" their gender identity, picket ex-ex-gays who left the camp, and awkward but sweet teenage romances. The look of the film, particularly the camp scenes, are also an artful attraction, with the intense blue and hot pink colors and Mary Brown's overly manicured home, replete with plastic plants, driving the point home of how fake the world of True Directions truly is. True, the movie's message is pretty obvious and little heavy-handed, but it's fun and enjoyable nonetheless.

Some of my favorite lines (most of them are from Andre lol).

Andre(when asked what is the "root" of his gayness): "Shit Miss Mary, I ain't the only that don't got no root!

Andre: "She's just upset 'cause the fish on her plate is the only kind she can eat."

Andre: "Congratulations! Liars! You know who you are and you know who you want! Ain't nobody gonna change that...Sheeit!"

"We are here! We're not queer! We're not going anywhere!"

"Wow. You are so good at being straight."

"You wanna like dick? You better start training yourself."

Watch below.

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I still LOVE this movie! LMAO!
Its timeless!
And Cathy Moriarty was HILARIOUS! LOL