Oh Snap! Feminist Rants Against Beyonce's "Run The World"

Via Boy Culture

Apparently this girl (yes an actual girl) was less than impressed with Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" and spends about 5 minutes laying out the reasons why. It's an entertaining video, regardless of whether you agree with her points (her one about how Bey, deals with the fact her husband has written songs like "Money, Cash, Hoes" was particularly provocative. Watch and discuss below.


I disagree with her because her definition of "feminism" is NARROW. If she'd actually listened to the entire song, as opposed to picking and choosing (and subsequently calling out Beyonce's husband, who had nothing to do with the single)the lines that support her argument MAYBE I would have agreed with her.
She just came across as one of those angry militant feminists who does not like Beyonce because she flaunts her body and sexuality onstage. For what it is worth I actually agreed with the bulk of what she said...But again selective listening, the cheap shots, and etc al exposed her bias.