New Music: Lady Gaga "Edge Of Glory"

Dispensing with the frenzied, club-ready nastiness of her first two offerings “Judas” and “Born This Way,” “Edge of Glory” goes for a more straightforward, dance pop approach, with Gaga belting out the lyrics ’80s power ballad style over a mid-tempo, pulsating groove. My anticipation for Born This Way has been slightly renewed.

Hopefully she'll also change her mind about the album cover and use this photo instead. I mean I'm all for getting dark and arty, but a having your head attached to a motorcycle? Gwarl......NO. Aim more for David Bowie/Alice Cooper/Marilyn Manson and less for Slaughter/Warrant/Judas Priest (Love Ms. Halford and the gang--"Hell Bent For Leather" and "Breaking The Law" are my jams, but I'm just sayin') okay? But I digress. Listen below.


thegayte-keeper said…
She just keeps em' rolling huh?