Eye Candy: John Cena

Pretty much the only reason I kept watching wrestling during my high school/early college days (The Rock being the main reason during middle school--don't worry Dwayne, you next!). The first time I saw this super buff specimen was when I was about 16. Cena had just changed his image to the hip hop version of Stone Cold Steve Austin (Austin 3:16 lol)/updated Marky Mark, and was doing some vulgar rap about Stephanie McMahon. I remember thinking Who..Is....THAT? 

I instantly became a Chain Gang groupie lol. Beside tuning in every week, I bought almost any wrestling mag with him on the cover, had a nice image of him flexing those huge guns as my computer background and visited the WWE site to salivate over new pics and watch his "Five Questions With The Champ" segment. I even went to see The Marine while it was in theaters just so I could see his fine ass in celluloid. Needless to say, I had a serious crush! Anyway, get into some pics below.


thegayte-keeper said…
When is he gonna get the Holly Wood treatment?