Eddie Long Sexual Coercion Lawsuits Heading To Trial

Via Rod 2.0:

Just when it looked like the four sexual coercion lawsuits against mega church pastor Eddie Long would be settled out of court,  Judge Johnny Panos says he is now preparing for a trial in the fall. According to WSBTV "Panos said he is preparing for a trial in August or September. He wouldn't say why he no longer believes the two sides are close to a settlement...Bishop Long's spokesperson would only say there is nothing to report when asked about a settlement in the case. Attorneys for both sides did not return phone calls seeking a comment."

In case you forgot, Ms. Long has been charged with coercing the four young men--Jamal Parris, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Spencer LaGrande--into sexual relationships and using church funds to buy them cars, clothes, jewelry and cash. Time to throw those five rocks you were bleating about Bishop.

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