Much Ado About Barebacking...

I know that this is a sensitive and loaded issue. And it should be, especially in the black gay community: according to CDC statstics, young black men who have sex with men (MSM) ages 13 to 29 accounted for more new HIV infections  than any other racial or ethnic group.

With that very important fact said, would you ever participate in bareback sex? I'm not talking about a one night stand with some twink you just met at the club or a kat daddy you feel "so in love with" after a week two dates. Or a slip up caused by too much alcohol or just thinking with the wrong head in the heat of passion. In those cases, you better lock it down like Fort Knox and get tested ASAP (and get tested again a few months down the line, just to make the virus didn't escape detection).

But what if this is someone you've been with for 5, 10, 15 or 20 years? Someone who has proven himself to be faithful, loving and honest (meaning that you know his whole sexual history and he knows yours, and you both have the test results to prove it). It's highly unlikely that straight couples who've been together for decades still use condoms. I am aware that gay/bi men who engage in anal sex have a higher risk for infection than hetero couples, but they still assume the same risks when they stop using protection. So, would you take that chance?

Discuss (And I know my invisible readers have some opinion on this topic, so speak up).


Honestly, for me that would still be a no. I don't think I would ever practice anal without a condom.
One, the risk involved (I'd like to believe that no one ever dabbles in other streams...but some do, that is just a reality)and two the whole hygiene aspect (I just don't like the idea of somebody else's fluids in my body! Yucky! I am such a priss when it comes to that. I know some people do
those rates are going to continue rising because these tops, or vers men keep up with the excuses about how they can not wear condoms because they cant get hard in them. Then some claim that they are allergic to all materials that condoms are made of.

Its just a never ending battle of bullshit and most of these boys want these other boys or men so badly that they just give in.