Like Children For Chocolate

It seems that blood diamonds aren't the only import that comes at a human cost. Filmmaker U. Roberto Romano's documentary The Dark Side Of Chocolate, investigates human trafficking as it relates to child labor and cocoa fields around the Ivory Coast.

"The International Labour Organization estimates between 56 and 72 million African children work in agriculture, many in their own family farms.," according to The seven largest cocoa-producing countries are Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameron, Brazil, Ecuador, the Ivory Coast and Ghana. Those last two together account for nearly 60 percent of global cocoa production."

Romano said consumers should buy direct or fair trade chocolate products that would give them a voice in how cocoa farmers are treated.

"I'd like you to buy either a fair trade chocolate or a direct trade chocolate. I'd like you to buy something where you, as a consumer, can vote responsibly for better treatment of these farmers. And also with fair trade, you know that they're going to be at least on the road to being paid a decent wage. And with the inspections that go on, you know that their children aren't working and are getting an education."

Watch CNN's report below, and read a statement from the Global Chocolate and Cocoa Industry HERE.  You can also watch the full documentary at


slavery never ended. This proves it.