Flick Picks: Scream 4 Trailer

The trailers for the fourth installment of horror/horror parody classic Scream looks like it could be a good fright night at the movies. Neve, Courtney and David seemed to have aged surpisingly well in the 15 years since the original movie (2 snaps up and all that jazz:). But of course a new batch of teens have been reeled in to be sliced, diced and spliced by a new killer.

Personally I think it'll be hard to top the first Scream, especially that opening scene with Drew Barrymore, which is one of the best opening scenes in a horror movie EVA. I'm still mad at Drew though, because she could've made it to her parents if she hadn't stopped to look at her man....chile he's dead! You watched him get gutted! To paraphrase Sophia in The Color Purple, "You betta run for your life and bring flowers to  Steve's grave lata!" But I digress.

It's kinda hard to pick who wants to take out Sid this time....I mean Billy's dead, his mom (Jackie from Roseanne hey!) is dead, and her half-brother is dead. Unless her mama comes back from the dead for a Dawn of The Dead-style throwdown, who knows who it could be this time. Watch both trailers below:


That scene with Casey Becker still scares the SHIT out of me. I'll watch and still hope that she gets away...LOL
Anyway, I don't know if I am looking forward to this one. It seems like Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven brought back these characters just to make themselves relevant again...
Yet alas I'll probably go. This might revitalize the slasher genre, again.