Donald Trump: "I Have A Great Relationship With The Blacks"

The Oompa Loompa has put his foot in his mouth again. While on a radio program, the potential presidential candidate *shudders at the thought* was mourning the black community's ardent support of President Obama.

"I have a great relationship with the blacks," Trump told Albany's Talk Radio 1300 Thursday. "I've always had a great relationship with the blacks."  Trump's comments were sparked by a recent poll of New York voters that stated 95 percent of black voters approve of the president's performance. The poll results also stated his approval in New York stands at 54 percent.
"Look at Hillary Clinton," the reality television star continued in reference to the 2008 Democratic presidential primary race. "Hillary Clinton did so much for the black population, so much and got very few votes."

"Look, I tell it like it is," he added. "Then you hear a political reporter go on and say, 'It had nothing to do with race.' But how come she got such a tiny piece of the vote. It's a very sad thing."

Lawd Donald, where do I start. First of all "the blacks?" Really? I wouldn't call that remark racist (after all, many divas have said the gays on more than one occasion) but it does come off as condescending, not to mention presumptuous. It also implies that you think of black people as a monolithic mass lacking critical thinking skills. Like if Barack Obama suddenly evaporated tomorrow, all black folks would say "Lawd, our black messiah dun disappeared! Who's we gon' vote fah now? Donald's tan enough! D-Trump for President!"  Secondly, black folks were pretty split over Hilary and Barack back in '08, at least until Bill Clinton blew it by opening his mouth during the primaries. I mean you'd have to living under a rock (or that wasps' nest you call hair) to not have seen at least one of those "which candidate will black voters back" debates.

Lastly, I find it highly ironic that man who so wants the support of "the blacks" engages in blatant Birther-style race-baiting, challenging the validity of president's birth certificate and insinuating that there's some deep dark secret about his past that he doesn't want the public (i.e white folks) to know. Even after said controversy has been laid to rest, and even though it never should've existed in the first place, since NO other U.S. president's American status has ever been in question. Hmmmm, I wonder why President Obama faced such scrutiny?

At this rate, Tina Fey and Will Ferrell (I think he could pull Trump the best as far as appearance goes....any other suggestions?) will have plenty of material for SNL's 2012 season.


Furies help me right about now.
This man disgusts me even more than Sarah Palin and that is really saying something.
This is President Obama's election to lose.