Student Kicked Out Of Dorm For Being Gay

How's this for an introduction into "the real world?" Jesse Cruz, a junior at Seton Hall in New Jersey, is suing the university for emotional and psychological trauma after he says was unfairly evicted because he is gay. According to New Jersey paper The Record:

Jesse Cruz, a junior studying public relations, said he registered for a dorm room last August, paid close to $4,000 for a full semester of housing, and was assigned to a double room at Xavier Hall.

His roommate, however, complained that he did not want to share a room with Cruz, according to the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in federal court in Newark.

The school’s policy is that any student who is not happy with their living arrangement for any reason can ask to be moved on “Room Change Day,” and school officials will find them another room. In Cruz’s case, however, school officials moved Cruz to a room in another dormitory building instead of moving the other student, Cruz’s attorney, Rosemarie Arnold said Tuesday.

 A lawyer for the university disagreed with Cruz's allegations though, writing "the University has never taken any action against Mr. Cruz based on his sexual preference." Since the incident occurred, Cruz has moved back into his dorm room and has not had any problems with his new roommate. Read the whole story here.