Hate Crime Survivor Speaks Out

Twenty-three-year old Justin Aslena was savagely attacked when he went into a Detriot convenience store to buy some cigarettes. Another customer started yelling anti-gay slurs and then punched Aslena in the face twice, shattering his eye.

To add insult to injury, no one in the store--not the other customers, or the store clerk--did anything to help him. In fact the clerk told him to leave! After he was attacked! Un-fucking-believable!

As a victim of gay-bashing myself, I know first-hand how bewildering and devastating it is to suffer an unprovoked physical and verbal attack by someone who really doesn't know you over something that has nothing to do with them. And to witness others watching and even laughing as the carnage unfolds. Mr. Aslena was brave enough to post a video on YouTube detailing his attack. Pass it along to whoever you can or post it on your blog. This story needs to been seen and heard.


Kevin said…
Yes it is. I still can't believe that the store clerk told him to leave AFTER he witnessed him being attacked!