Black Ministers Apologize To LGBT Community

There's a headline you don't see everyday. According SGLUniverse, several Washington D.C. ministers met with LGBT folks to apologize for the treatment they faced at the hands of the church.

Hosted by Pastor Anthony E. Moore and Carolina Missionary Baptist Church on Feb. 19th, the community, local churches and members of the LGBT community were asked to come together for "an opportunity for people to express their thoughts and feelings" on the topic of homosexuality and the church. The dialogue was not to include a dialogue on the theological position on homosexuality. Instead the focus was on the church, the place that is supposed to be a house of love, "was often the most uncaring and unsafe place for these individuals when they were at their most vulnerable."

Pastor Keith Battle, attended on behalf of Zion Church, and pastors from other sponsoring churches included Pilgrim Baptist Church in D.C. and New Vision Church in Bowie, Md.

Pastor Moore offered his apology "pledging to continue the dialogue and to make concerted efforts to make his ministry more inclusive of members of the LGBT community."

A sign of a larger movement or change taking place in the black religious community? Let's hope so. Read the full piece at The Root.


thegayte-keeper said…
Better late than never...right?