You're Standing On My Neck: A Daria Tribute

Seeing as how the subject matter has been a little heavy the last few posts, I thought I'd lighten the mood with a tribute to one of my favorite shows, Daria. When I was young queen in training, Daria (and constant cohort Jane) helped me sharpen my shade throwing and reading skills and foster an attitude of cool indifference--tools that are almost mandatory in the jungle that is junior high/high school lol.

But aside from that, the show was a witty, clever look into high school, cliques, popularity and being a teenager. Daria was never a desperate wannabe. She just wanted to finish school and get the hell out of there. On the flipside however, it was good that not all the popular kids were brainless drones (bonus points that they were the two black kids!). Lawd knows the mighty MTV has fallen in program quality since then. But I digress. Watch a few clips below ( and a link that will send you to YouTube, since embedding has been disabled):

Best Daria Quotes