Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vivrant Single Ladies

*Warning-music geek post*

Ever wondered how Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance would look set to other music? Well you're in luck! Somehow the routine (for the most part) fits in with Q-Tip's '99 solo hit "Vivrant Thing." I actually stumbled upon this during a spell of boredom a while back. To see for yourself, mute Beyonce's video. Then press play on both clips. I've posted both videos below for easy access. Enjoy!


Prince Toddy English said...

Oh my god that was hot! LOL Even though one started a second late it went together nicely.

Kevin said...

Lol told ya!

Bama Boi said...

DUDE! That was fuckin' SICK! Loved it! It was in synch the whole time!!!!! I was just in awe LOL...good find...and I like this much better with her just being a backgound dancer to Q-Tip's joint. HOT

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