Random Thoughts

In the wake of the Grammys and other assorted news/pop cultural events, I think it's as good a time as any for the first random thoughts post of 2011. So let's get into it.

1. Was I  the only one who had to make what I call a "diva decision" Sunday night between watching Janet and Lady Gaga's interviews? I swear I was flipping the channels back for a good hour lol.

2. Speaking of Gaga's 60 Minutes interview, don't you think it was definitely (read between the lines *wink, wink*) appropriate for Anderson Cooper to interview her?

3. Did anyone else see how PHINE LL was looking in that suit at the Grammys? I mean his arms were practically about to burst out of that suit! Yes Lawd! *Sprays face with cold water* Alright I'm calm.

4. While we're talking about the Grammys, wasn't Christina riffing and scale running for her life during that Aretha tribute. Even J-Hud had to look over a few times with an expression that said "Damn that bitch is wailin!" Hell I half expected Rupaul to come out and say "Sashay you stay!"

5. Although I was thrilled she triumphed over the commerical tyranny that is Justin Bieber, was I only person that though "WHO?" when Esperanza Spalding won Best New Artist? Side note for Ms. Spalding: watch your back girl. Those young Bieber fans may be tweens, but I'm pretty sure those bitches will shank you in a back alley without shedding a tear. I'm just sayin'.

6. Is it me or has Lady Gaga's dancing improved dramatically? True she wasn't working it like Beyonce (but who can chile) but it does seem that she's stepped her game up. I guess Laurie Ann Gibson whipped that ass into shape.

7. Why is everyone so intent on turning Ronald Reagan into a saint? Granted the man wasn't the devil but he was no angel either. See my rant here.

8. Wasn't it shocking (in a good way) to watch the revolt in Egypt and see a people's protest actually work? Hopefully the country won't descend into chaos or religious extremism.

9. On the flipside, isn't it scary that some Tea Party members might get the idea that the situation in America is similar and try to do the same?

10. Aren't you deeply afraid of how high food and gas prices could become in the next few months?

11. And speaking of being deeply afraid, doesn't Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family look sadly predictable? I'll summarize the plot: Madea blows everyone down, church scene, someone on drugs/having an affair/an abusive relationship,church scene,non-Christians depicted as lost, ignorant or cartoonishly evil,Madea,church,THE END.

12. How much do you want to bet that Eddie Long will make a cameo in the movie?

13. Speaking of movies, I know I'll be running to the theater to see Captain America. Not only to satisfy my inner superhero geek, but in hopes there'll be gratuitous shirtless scenes with Chris Evans. Watch the trailer below:

14. As much as she irritates me, I have to admit I laughed out loud when Nene called Latoya Jackson Casper the Ghost on The Apprentice preview. If only for the sad fact that it's kinda true.

15. Even though I'm not an uber fan, I'm curious to hear new music from Beyonce, especially since she's reportedly been working with noise pop band Sleigh Bells, one of my fav indie acts. B laid pretty low in 2010, so the time seems ripe for her to come back and ruthlessly dominate music again.

16. Is Rihanna addicted to red kenekalon weave?

17. How the hell are families from Teen Mom on the cover of magazines like US Weekly? Not to sound high and mighty but being a pregnant teen doesn't make you a star. Is this what celebrity has devolved to?

18. When will Storm get her own X-Men movie?

19. Isn't Gwen Stefani looking fab in those Loreal ads? But she and No Doubt need to make a new album. Seriously.

20. Is the upcoming Tupac biopic a good or a bad idea?