Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

Ms. Long is back and ready for a few good men! Although the mega-church pastor has been accused by four young men of coercing them into sexual relationships with gifts of cars, clothes and cash, he's decided to launch a series of what he calls "late-night prayer meetings" and revivals. For men only.

Men who are not a part of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church are welcome to attend, but they are required to stay after midnight and, in Long's words,  "bring an offering worthy of the Lord." Late night prayer meetings you say? I'm sure there'll be plently of kneeling and shouting unto God (or more accurately, "Oh Gawd!"), and that the worthiest offerings will be long and hard. And that condoms and KY will be passed on collection plates. Okay I'm finished! But the arrogance of this man (and his PR team) is astounding. I don't even know why I'm surprised at the level of denial and delusion church folks will subject themselves to. Watch below:

H/t Rod 2.0