Everything You Wanted To Know About Scientology (But Were Too Afraid To Join)!

The New Yorker recently published a fascinating article about Oscar-winner Paul Haggis', who also wrote and directed Crash, exit from Scientology after spending more than 30 years in the cult religion. The article is hella long, but it is an extremely epic and worthy read--the writer delves deep in the organization's history, the life of founder Ron L. Hubbard (including truths and untruths about his military records, which form the basis of the religion), charges of child labor, physical abuse and the exorbitant (that's putting mildy) cost of being in the church. One chilling accusation of abuse by former member Jefferson Hawkins of church leader David Miscavige:

“I had just written an infomercial,” he said. Miscavige summoned him to a meeting where a few dozen members were seated on one side of a table; Miscavige sat by himself on the other side. According to Hawkins, Miscavige began a tirade about the ad’s shortcomings. Hawkins recalls, “Without any warning, he jumped up onto the conference-room table and he launches himself at me. He knocks me back against a cubicle wall and starts battering my face.” The two men fell to the floor, Hawkins says, and their legs became entangled. “Let go of my legs!” Miscavige shouted. According to Hawkins, Miscavige then “stomped out of the room,” leaving Hawkins on the floor, shocked and bruised. The others did nothing to support him, he claims: “They were saying, ‘Get up! Get up!’ ”

And another involving a "game" of musical chairs:

"Miscavige came to the Hole one evening and announced that everyone was going to play musical chairs. Only the last person standing would be allowed to stay on the base. He declared that people whose spouses “were not participants would have their marriages terminated.” The St. Petersburg Times noted that Miscavige played Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on a boom box as the church leaders fought over the chairs, punching each other and, in one case, ripping a chair apart."

A fantastic article. Trust!

H/t Boy Culture