"Are We There Yet" Features Black Gay Teen

Well this was a pleasant surprise. Ice Cube's sitcom "Are We There Yet" tackled the subject of black gay teens in a non-stereotypical, fear-mongering way. On the episode "The Boy Has Style" Cedric, a tall, fashionable football player starts hanging out with Lindsay, who can't figure why her new beau won't make a move. The reason: he's gay.

After being clocked by the Nick's wife (I personally think most older women's gaydar is sharpened and refined from years of dating) he confronts Cedric who confesses. He eventually tells Lindsay, who accepts his offer of friendship and all is right with the world. I loved that Cedric was so comfortable with his sexuality and there wasn't any DL drama. It was dealt with like a simple, everyday family situation. Plus the E. Lynn Harris reference was unexpected treat.

On a slightly shady side note (say that 5 times fast!): Isn't a little sad that a straight, hardcore rapper (Ice Cube) will feature a positive/realistic depiction about a black gay character but he who shall remain nameless(you who I'm talkin' about) has yet to do so?

You can watch the episode here.

H/t Living Out With Darian


Oh we know why "She" (whom shall remain nameless)won't do it. Gurl is just afraid her tea will be spilled...
Chile, it is already teetering on the edge of the coffee table and dripping!
Anyway, big ups to Ice Cube for this.
That was the first episode I ever watched and I thought it was really funny too.
SGL Café.com said…
Excellent episode. And what's the hottie name who played CEDRIC??!! I can't find it anywhere.


And we all no why "so and so" can't depict a positive black gay character - he doesn't believe there is such a thing, sadly.

Abuse can screw up the brain.

Just ask Donnie Mclurkin, or Raz B, or ....