For Those About Reincarnate,,,,

I have a question, particularly for those who believe in reincarnation. If our present life is just the latest in a long series of realities, then why don't we remember our past lives? True some people say our previous lifetimes manifest themselves in the form of prophetic dreams or random deja vu moments. But if reincarnation is true, why don't we have stronger ties or memories to the person or persons we used to be? Tell what you think in the comments.

P.S. I've been tracking this blog using Sitemeter for a few days so I know I've got some invisible readers out there. Don't be shy, lift your voice (or in this case your fingers) and sang/type lol:).


I felt the same way about the lurkers on my blog!
I'm not really here nor there on past lives; although the idea seems feasible. I need to read more on reincarnation to be honest...
However, in my next life I want to be either a pop star with Michael Jackson sized talent, popularity, and wealth (minus the emotional issues)or a rich beautiful heiress white woman...they don't have to worry about shit.
At present this life is pretty cool though.
Anonymous said…
If you wish to learn more watch "Why I believe in Rebirth - Manly P Hall" on You Tube