Shoulda' Been A Single: SWV "Anything (Extended LP Version)"

Yes, the remix is fiyah--from the "doo doo" harmonies to the "Get Up And Dance" horn sample (which was also sampled by KRS One for "You Must Learn"--get up on ya' music knowledge yungins lol:)--but the slower extended version is just as good, in a different way. With the slow, sexy bassline, Taj and Lelee's sultry backing vocals and of course Coko's one of kind vocals, this track could've held its own with the other ballads ("Weak" "Right Here (Human Nature Remix)" off the trio's 92' debut It's About Time.

And while we're on the subject, what has become of the quiet storm? I mean I like to take it to the club as much as the next gay, but have the current crop of female artists forgotten the power of the slow jam? Seriously, where are the new "Red Light Specials," "Don't Let Gos," "One In A Millions" "Soon As I Get Homes," and "Anytime Anyplaces? Yes I'm looking at you Janet--"Come Back To Me" with a good ballad Ms. Jackson! But I digress. Get into the song below:

SWV - Anything (Extended LP Version)
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