Random: Mariah Carey "Babydoll"

Some album tracks are so good you wonder why they never became proper singles. Such is the case with this track from Mariah's Butterfly. Granted Mimi had her pick of hit singles from that album--"Butterfly," "Honey," "My All" and my personal favorite "Breakdown"--but "Babydoll" definitely could have made the cut. Granted at over 5 minutes it's a little long, but it fits right in with what was getting spins on late 90's radio. It could've played right after Aaliyah's "One In A Million," and before SWV's "Rain." Anyways, take a listen and be instantly transported back to 1997 below:


Gwarl, you ain't SAID NOTHING but a WORD! lol!
I rank this right up there with Beyonce's "Body Rock" for unreleased JAMS that should have been singles!